Saturday, May 12, 2018

God's Faithfulness In My Mom's Life And Mine...

Mother's Day, Christmas & Birthdays are the only three celebrations of life that pull my heartstrings to the deepest. All the rest of the Holidays fall under the canopy of what they represent. That's for all I know...
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Every passing day, I
learn how to alter my ego esp. when I'm with my mom. It's not about me but it's about her that I would recognize; her fragile touch of affection I will always treasure, her vulnerability to life's fleeting moments as her frail body that was for a long time a very strong anchor physically and spiritually, now can only be outstretched by the help of a wheelchair, walker and our arms wrapped around hers. 
At 82, my "mamang's" mind is strong. I suffer from periodic memory lapses but she doesn't. She still an avid fan of Hallmark cards. She meticulously reads every line and when a specific word or phrase touches her heart, she'll buy them with no money issue. You know Hallmark cards are not cheap. Thus, I buy my cards now, too, for her as I take upon her beauty & sensibility on greeting cards. However, the most beautiful, enamored poetic and genuine message we could ever adhere to is in the Word of God, the Holy Bible esp. the Book of Psalms. Just getting it out there...

So, what would I want to share about my mother on Mother's Day? Not because she is my mother that I want to elevate and love her...She is my muse that never fades in my written spoken art. I can always reconcile to the truth of her loving ways even now that I'm also in the prelude of the pangs of aging. I only have her life to help me be encouraged and inspired.
I am truly thankful to God for my mom. She taught me to tithe out of the abundance of my heart; that all provision comes with obedience to the Lord; that praying without ceasing is a core life connection to God. When my 2 boys went to college, she was always by my side taking trips together to see my children. As a single parent, it never was a great struggle because of her steadfast and loving support. I never had a dull moment with her.
I am a better steward of what God has endowed upon my life because of my mom's spiritual beliefs. And I love her dearly...Praising God for my mom!
 Happy Mother's Day Mom and To All the Mothers in the World!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"This Is Amazing Grace..."

My 500 Words Widget

As far as joining and finishing the marathon of the writing of my 500 words for 31 days, I feel that I have run the race and it's worth celebrating. I say that because I'm usually pumped at doing something in the beginning but ends up aborting the process of completion. 
This is only a 31 day-writing goal, a small task to discipline the mind but its worth maybe more than I could imagine. It's all good.
For my last entry for 31-day writing, I plan to write what comes to mind as I develop my focal point. It's kind of relief that I don't have to do this every night before I go to bed; that I need to put aside everything for this to happen. 
Writing is a lot of things. It requires a lot of passion, a lot of your sentiments that flows from the heart. You take risks every time you put out something you think it's shareable but not to others. Your personal ideas, opinions, and perceptions of people, things, and God are viewed prematurely according to popular belief. But that doesn't tear me down.
Regardless, writing is creative art and a gift for dispensation. 
Today for my last entry, I want to talk about my brother-in-law who's married to my oldest sister for 40 years. They are a couple who truly have marital bliss. 
This morning my sister who's a registered nurse had taken him to the nearest Army Hospital. He was experiencing symptoms of having a stroke; dizziness, very high blood pressure, wobbly steps and slight numbness in his right hand.
My brother-in-law rigorously follows a workout for himself. For a 64-year-old man, he is in great shape. He goes to the gym almost every day, goes to the park and walk for miles, doesn't smoke, drinks beer moderately on occasions; and travels extensively with my sister across the globe. That's really a good, fulfilled life to me. They enjoy life together.
He never had any major medical issue until today. How much more if a person has a lot of vices, and doesn't exercise? Would his stroke more deadly and vicious? Unequivocably, I say yes. 
But there are some people who would disagree with this and I don't find that despicable because I've known people who have smoked nicotine all their lives, drank alcohol too, and devoid of physical exercise and still some of them got to live in their 80's.
And there are those who were only second-hand smokers and that sent them to their graves in their late 30's, early 40's and 50's. That's messed up. Why would some people who never even smoke die earlier than those who really smoke themselves to their death? 
Well, my brother-in-law is okay, so far. CT Scan came back negative. Glory to God.
However, they kept him overnight to do some more tests on a cardiac enzyme. 
It is also a great advantage that his wife is an RN. She knows preliminary questions to ask and follow-up questions thereafter. I believe that that speed up the process for him to go from the emergency room to a private room with a view. But of course, God's divine power and grace and prayers" all work together for good to those who love God according to his purpose."
I and my youngest son actually went to see him and my sister by his side at the hospital. He was in high spirit and he will just be fine.
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for your unfailing love.
"This is amazing Grace."
Thank You for Reading...
God Bless
Good Night!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"In God, We Trust..."

My 500 Words Widget

For sure, I'm one of the more than ten million viewers who watched and listened intently to our President Trump's State Of Union Address.
I could hear them already in my head the negative commentaries of the naysayers coming from the media. I don't pay attention to them anymore. I already know the truth and there's no need to contaminate that truth by listening biased newscasting. 
What I could take away from our President's State Of The Union Address is what it should be: an honest narrative of what he has done for the American people, for this great/powerful country.
I already know what's the counterpart's argument is saying...that he has the lowest rating for a President. 
We all know that when you're doing good and standing tall for the welfare and well-being of people, you immediately make tons of adversaries. You know why? When your mindset is not grounded on the very fundamental of God's Word, you want to be rebellious, combatant and unaccepting. That is how the devil works in our lives. Satan's wiles are very subtle and yet conniving, and deceptive. You should know by now that  He is the father of lies. If you don't have the spiritual discernment, you might as well be his ally in the dark.
By the way, it was a very hearty, powerful speech if you ask me.I was cheering in my living room, maybe my applause can be heard outside but didn't care. Hope and pray that God continues to endow President Trump wisdom, discernment, good health and good people like Vice President Pence by his side. Hope he will always support Israel as a nation for that's one of the reasons why the wrath of God is being withheld. There's just so much moral decay in this country. They have a way of obliterating, twisting the truth claiming it to be their freedom, their right to stretch absolutes for their personal benefits. 
Well, this is it for me tonight. This is not a 500- word entry.Sorry.
It's all I can for tonight. Feeling tired and sleepy.
Good Night
God Loves You.

Monday, January 29, 2018

"Praying For Our President ..."

My 500 Words Widget

As I'm writing this entry blog for day 28, I'm listening to President Trump speech during the "March for Life" last week.
For a very successful businessman, President Donald Trump certainly has a way of knocking down barriers and surely building bridges to major chasms brought by people who didn't vote for him.He is a pillar of faith, hope, and compassion, no matter how anyone could ever refute that.
I wasn't surprised at the result of the election. I wanted him to be my President including the hundreds of thousands of Christians like me who believed in the divine intervention of our God.
He was the closest one to resemble the core family Christian values of America.
The gift of life, the right to life of the unborn and the dignity of every soul which is the threshold, the bedrock to which our faith encompassed life itself. To anyone who believes that has a special covering, a hedge of protection from God, for God ordains, decrees Life in us. 
We have a president that knows and reverence the importance of Prayer; who is willing to be used as a vessel to God's kingdom glorification. I know there are multitudes of us who are steadfastly praying for" his enemies to be scattered;" for him to have God's blessing of wisdom so he can better serve the people. Likewise, there may be more people who want to destroy him, impeach him and harm him. They've been trying so hard to blemish his reputation but the more the media and his enemies portray him as incapable and unequipped, more and more people are not believing this lie about him. Instead, he's gaining grounds fortifying our military defenses, our employment growth or economy, and most of all he's keeping us safe from the intrusion of false religious heresies by solidifying the freedom of the fivefold ministries to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
It is our duty to pray for our President, his family, his staff for good health, good wisdom, and for God's grace and mercy to follow him all the days of his life.
God Bless
Good Night

Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Today Lends A Good Conversation..."

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Today is like any other Sunday except for the phone call from my sister in Florida. Whenever I get a phone call I usually have an inkling and thought of them previously.
Turned out to be a good, candid & respectful conversation. All the elements or components of a good conversation were there.
I hadn't talked to her since she came here in Texas last year in May which was my mom's 81st birthday. We texted cordially, maybe in passing but not really intentional. 
Now I know why...Sometimes, God gives us a long pause, a season to experience a gap so when we get back up, we're ready for a good conversation. That is when you can share so much substance with each other in a conversation.
I have five biological sisters. Of all five sisters, she's the one that I could talk to about curious, unexpected similitudes of life without conjuring mental pictures.She'll get it or dig it not because she wants to please me but because that's how a good conversation should be...elevation & hierarchy of heart's intention, respect, and affection.
She told me that in her recent vacation with her husband and two sons to the Philippines, (the younger son got married there in Iloilo very recently) that this was an eye opener to her. If you go in the metropolitan areas or cities in the Philippines like Manila, you would be waiting and be learning to wear Patience in your sleeves...  We're talking about hours of waiting. Just delight yourself observing why this has become a way of life. And they're not murmuring, they're settled with what they can do which is to wait in the midst of traffic jam, in restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels, etc.
Filipinos are very resilient, hardworking, and responsible/loving people. They have this kind of integrity to work for a living. They have work ethics. They're very driven with hope to better their living condition.
Well, we talked about the importance of good family upbringing and how that is going to be crucial in building future relationships.And most of all, your heart connection to God is one measure that is undoubtedly proven to be the only one that you need traversing in this earthly life.
There are some unusual events in our lives that we sometimes think they should have never happened according to our wishful thinking. Little that we know that those events happened for us to move forward.
God is all about moving forward...If you remember what happened to Lot's wife in the book of Genesis. The angels told them emphatically not to look back to the place they were running from (Sodom & Gomorrah's ultimate destruction)  And disobedience turned her into a pillar of salt. I was thinking it's more than disobedience--her heart was plagued with curiosity and couldn't help looking what's left behind...
Isn't it that's how we are? We don't know how to be still and trust the Lord with all of our heart, mind, and soul!
Good Night
God Bless

Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Being In The Moment With My Tootsie..."

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My precious dog, Tootsie was diagnosed with a cancerous lump September 6 of last year. She's a real trooper, an inspiration to me. Just like me, she loves walking. She's notorious about it. Doesn't enjoy walking with other dogs. She's happy just me and her exploring the grounds.
I weighed in all my options on how to go about her lump. Going for the procedure to remove it is not a guarantee she'll be okay after that. She has to go through more tests and meds that may or may not work. So, I'm not subjecting her to any procedure of cuts, pokes and needles.. I give her prescribed pain meds and most of all will share her joy of walking outdoors.
She may be a non-verbal companion but she helps me a lot in catching my breath, slowing down, and taking time to think and reflect how she made my life colorful and healthy.
Walking with her makes me experience what being in the moment really means. We both have that kind of connection that we gravitate being and around Nature that gives us greater appreciation, attentiveness which I believe magical. I know she's a dog but I love her so much.
I prayed a lot and still praying that the Vet was wrong and that her lump will go away. 
I have not noticed her slowing down or showing that she's in pain. But of course, I'm more mindful and taking precautions not to aggravate her condition.
This Saturday morning, I  walked her to our favorite walking trail. It was raining. But she was expecting and very anxious to get in the car. So, we walked under the soft touch of rain. It was marvelous to do something out of the ordinary. Little rain won't stop us from doing what we love.Being in the rain and getting wet but not soaking wet, just right; if you want to call it that way is not going to make us sick. We were more excited about the experience and what an experience!
I ask God to prepare my heart when that time comes to say goodbye to my beloved dog. I just want her to be comfortable until the end and not in any pain at all. And that God will bless her with more healthy, active and happy years with me.
Tootsie is my gentle, beautiful reminder that she has rescued me from the nuances and mundanes of life; that with her loyalty and affection, I reap the benefits beyond my expectations, adopting her 11 years and a half ago.
God Bless and
Good Night!

Friday, January 26, 2018

"The Disappointments I Traded For A Good Lesson..."

My 500 Words Widget

I'm almost immune to disappointments. They no longer leave me astounded. I'll take their worth for what they are: lessons learned!
I used to roll my eyes, shrug my shoulders and say to people," Who do you think you are?" at the back of my head. Good thing that I didn't have the audacity to tell it to their faces how disappointing and nasty their behaviors are. Come to think about it, it is I, myself who let myself down.
Experts say on personal relationships that what you despise about somebody else maybe a reflection of an internal lack of which you are critical towards another person or even to a group of people. 
When I was still married to my ex-husband, I and his mom didn't get along. She was so clingy to the point that hanging out in her house whenever we visit was a kind of torture to me. I tried to be civil and courteous when she was around. My ex-husband is a "mama's boy" and don't know boundaries, never had the backbone or a vein to address what was so obvious to be a problem.There was this huge disappointment hovering over my head. 
Fifteen years later, I found myself and my young boys bound for Texas in 2000. In retrospect, for the first few years of being a divorced woman, I was very resentful and unforgiving. I blamed myself for not doing more to have saved our marriage; blamed my ex-mother-in-law for being the intrusion and my ex-husband for committing numerous adultery. And worst, my children will grow up without the love and authority of a father. And I felt like a loser for not keeping my marriage, my vows under God's commandment. I thought that I will be paying retribution for the rest of my life for a failed marriage.For I believe that "What God had joined together, let no man put asunder." Matthew 19:6
Little that I know, that things happen for the best reasons.The lessons I learned from it is that: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?
To those young  Christian men and women who are dating non-believers, save yourself from a lot of heartaches, and time-consuming legal custody fights and money by committing to the above scripture. 
I used to think that I could convert my ex-husband to become a Christian. I prayed without ceasing till finally, he did accept Christ as his personal Savior and Lord before marrying her third wife. That only tells us that there is no prayer that God does not answer. It may take several years before your prayers come to pass, but he does answer prayers on His perfect timing. "His Word will never return Void..."
I came out stronger as a person, single mother, and as a believer through the years. You must put your faith on His promises which are only yes and Amen. I no longer ask God why things happen. Instead, I ask Him what shall I do now with this situation, Lord? 
Also in Zechariah 4:6 says: The word of the Lord unto Zechariah, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, Not by might, nor by power, but my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.
Good Night
God Bless